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Youthful Life Works LLC

Love and justice, always.

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My Story

Hi, I'm Joey. I'm a Columbus, OH based educator, blogger, photographer, and podcaster passionate about people, their stories, and helping them express those narratives. 

By day I'm an educator and by night I write, shoot, and create. My blog is my written account of my life story. I've been blogging for just over 14 years and it has been both my outlet for self-care as well as a means to connect to people the world over. I write about my life and the lessons I take from my experiences with it. Feel free to check it out. 

Photography for me has been my way to explore, to be more courageous, and to tell my story visually. It has also been a conduit to build community, help others see their best selves, and get up close with the world and its people. I believe vehemently that everyone deserves to love who they and how they are - photography, in my perspective, seeks to capture the essence of life's adventures. 

Additionally, my podcast "How We Feel" has been an auditory adventure in emotions, community, and self-work. How do we embrace our feelings and process through them. What matters most to us? How do we do the feelings part? Who will we be in the aftermath. Check it out here.

Come along with me, be present, and enjoy it for what it is, I look forward to connecting with you. Know you want to shoot with me - fill out this form and let's explore together.  Want to see more? Follow me on instagram @drjotengii.

Favorite Shots

Sojourn with Me

Everyone deserves to loves themselves and the journey they're on.


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