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Self-Care Corner

Self-care is part of living a full life.

Spend some time with me exploring ways to make self-care a regular part of all your days. Check out my infographics, blog posts, selected resources, and resource folder. View the "Self-Care: 101" video series or experience a guided version of my self-care workshop. 

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Blog posts

Read some of my writing, thoughts, and experiences carefully curated to tackle the reality of living life and prioritizing self-care. The arrows below each title link to the full blog posts. You can check out my blog here.


Blog post on practicing authentic self-care.


Blog post on embracing

emotions and vulnerability. 


Blog post on forgiveness and crafting personal peace.


Blog post on personal accountability and doin self-work.

Self-care: 101 infographics

Infographics researched and designed by me to help make understanding self-care easier. Download them for use by clicking an image. To download the whole set use the link provided.

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